Person to person

person to person

RAIL.ONE places especially great value on satisfying collaboration with its customers and its business partners. We would be very happy to provide you with more detailed information – and, most importantly, to get to know you. Rail transport, after all, means communication.

If you already work together with us, then your familiar contact at RAIL.ONE will of course always be glad to help you in the future as well.

Dammstrasse 5
92318 Neumarkt

Tel +49 9181 8952-0
Fax +49 9181 8952-5011

Your liaison for Sales International

Your liaison for Purchasing

  • Foto Daniela 11 Hengelein

    Head of Business Segment Deutsche Bahn 
    Daniela Hengelein

    +49 9181 8952-252
    +49 9181 8952-5003

  • Foto Sandra 12 Sturm

    Head of Purchasing Department, Purchasing of cement, aggregates, additives 
    Sandra Sturm

    +49 9181 8952-222
    +49 9181 8952-5010

  • Foto Franz 20 Koller

    Purchasing of superstructure materials for main-tracks, lattice girders, installed fittings and components made of steel and synthetic materials, sheet metal for turnouts, car leasing 
    Franz Koller

    +49 9181 8952-216
    +49 9181 8952-5010

  • Foto Hugo 40 Schiltz

    Purchasing of capital goods and tools, raw, process, and operating materials, spare parts and machinery for project business, prestressing steel nationally and internationally 
    Hugo Schiltz

    +49 9181 8952-219
    +49 9181 8952-5010

  • Foto Heike 60 Vogt

    Purchasing of operating materials, spare parts, tools, services and mould construction materials 
    Heike Vogt

    +49 3523 91-525
    +49 3523 91-529

  • Foto Sabrina 1111 Mraz

    Purchasing of energy, IT hardware and software, services, office materials, components for ballastless track systems used in mass rapid transit, superstructure materials for turnouts, engineering and surveying services, squared timber, disposal of old sleepers 
    Sabrina Mraz

    +49 9181 8952-220
    +49 9181 8952-5010