Cities on the move

Living and working demand increasingly more mobility from us all. Planners and engineers are searching for innovative and sustainable solutions that respect human life. We have already put our ideas to the test – under extreme conditions. The RHEDA 2000® ballastless track system represents the most advanced stage of the RHEDA range of track models. This system is employed for mainline and high-speed transport and for metro systems. The significant reduction of track structural height and weight also enables application of this model in narrow tunnels and on bridges. Favourable construction costs in conjunction with great track availability lead to optimal cost effectiveness. As the most recent and most innovative further development of the RHEDA family, the RHEDA RX system has been especially developed for use on metro lines, including those with strict requirements placed on vibration attenuation. Welcome to the future of urban transit!

Protection from vibration

RAIL.ONE offers a spectrum of effective solutions for metro vibration, depending on the frequency and the susceptibility of nearby buildings to structure-borne noise: modifications in track-system design and/or in rail fastenings can achieve considerable emission reductions. An elastic element between the track superstructure and the substructure implements vibratory decoupling, which reduces vibrations as well as the resulting structure-borne noise.

Ideal for tunnels

The new RHEDA RX system was developed together with RockDelta, a company in the Rockwool Group. RHEDA RX, designed as a mass-spring system, consists of a concrete slab with integrated bi-block sleepers supported over their entire surface by RockXolid® stone-wool mats. This solution provides the desired isolation layer and at the same time ensures the required elasticity of the overall system. Proven RHEDA technology additionally guarantees precise track geometry and simple installation procedures.

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