Solutions by RAIL.ONE for the newly opened high-speed railway line Berlin - Munich

Official opening for Germany’s biggest rail infrastructure project. RAIL.ONE played a major role in the German Unity Transport Project 8 (VDE 8). New high-speed Berlin - Munich route capable of competing with air travel.

RAIL.ONE's main contribution to the EUR 10 billion transport project, which was approved by the German government in 1991, was its flexible RHEDA 2000® ballastless track system. As the project's sole supplier of concrete sleepers and track systems, RAIL.ONE is delivering high-speed turnout sleepers. In track sections 8.1 and 8.2, 42,350 linear meters of RHEDA 2000® turnout sleepers and around 20,000 main-track elastically supported sleepers guarantee cost-effective and ecological rail transport. Another technological rail system solution from RAIL.ONE was used on the Halle-Bitterfeld section, where 15,000 GETRAC A3 wide sleepers were laid on an asphalt base. For this section, RAIL.ONE also supplied a noise-absorbing covering developed in-house. As far back as 2005, more than 110,000 RHEDA 2000® bi-block sleepers from the Neumarkt-based Corporation formed the basis for the high-speed line Nuremberg - Ingolstadt.

Working closely together, both companies are committed to add value to the Swedish railway industry through localized production of solutions tailored to the particular requirements in Sweden. With more than 4,000 km of track installed, RAIL.ONE’s RHEDA 2000® system is one of the most widely applied solutions available today; for high-speed- as well as high-performance-lines. Its versatility and flexibility are some key success factors.

About the PCM RAIL.ONE Group

The PCM RAIL.ONE Group has been manufacturing concrete sleepers and track systems for urban transit and long-distance rail transportation for over 60 years. The technology leader also offers its expertise in the fields of engineering and plant construction. Its customer-driven innovations fulfill the highest quality standards and are installed around the world

The PCM RAIL.ONE Group is comprised of several companies and eleven production facilities with a presence in Germany, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Spain, South Korea, Hungary, Turkey, the United States, and India. It maintains annual capacities of over 5 million track sleepers and 750,000 linear meters of turnout sleepers.