Concrete sleepers B70: the classic sleepers

Type B70 concrete sleepers are the simplest way to achieve your finished track. The main advantage of these sleepers lies in their great flexibility. For new rail lines or upgrading of existing tracks, for mainline tracks or urban transport, for trunk or secondary lines, and for freight and passenger traffic: this concrete sleeper offers a fast and reliable solution for any application. And simple assembly assures fast installation. The B70 concrete sleeper also can be produced and delivered on very short notice.

The advantages:

  • Full performance capability, even for the greatest of operational demands
  • Cost-effective optimization of the track, with maintenance at the same time of technical permanence and operational safety
  • Assurance of operational continuity
  • Standardization of operation and maintenance procedures
  • Possibility of fully mechanical sleeper installation at the track construction site
  • Capability of adapting track elasticity to special sub-grade conditions

Technical data B 70

Permissible axle load 25 metric tonnes
Maximum speed250 km/h
Concrete gradesC 50/60
Concrete volume114 I
Weight (without rail fastenings) 280 kg
Length 2600 mm
Width300 mm
Sleeper height234 mm
Height of rail-seat centre 214 mm
High of sleeper centre175 mm
Supporting-surface area (total)6801cm²
Standard application cases Schwerlastschwelle Main-track sleepers