Flexibly through the city on ballasted track systems

Now as before, concrete sleepers on ballast represent the primary basis of track construction, in Germany and around the world. This system is simple, but hard to beat. The main advantage of prestressed-concrete sleepers is their flexibility. For newly constructed lines or the refurbishing of existing tracks: these sleepers offer fast and reliable solutions for any application. They support all gauges common in mass rapid transit, as well as all rail profiles (grooved and Vignol). Elastic or rigid structural support of rails, as well as special applications, are all possible. RAILONE has developed the two system types TBS and LIS especially for the application fields of tram systems, surface commuter trains, and underground railway systems.

The benefits of concrete sleepers on ballast:

  • Full performance capability, even with high operational loads
  • Cost-effective optimization of the track system, with simultaneous maintenance of technical durability, reliability, and safety
  • Differentiated solutions, customized to match individual fields of application and the user's particular requirements
  • Assurance of operational continuity
  • Focussing on a maximum of possible technical innovation
  • Preassembly of the sleepers at the sleeper production plant, with attached rail-fastening systems, and with delivery to the construction site ready for installation
  • Possibility of enhancing track elasticity by the use of special intermediate and sub-layers