Composite sleepers: The sustainable solution for tracks, turnouts and bridges!

Especially in times of climate change, effective and recycled products of high-quality are becoming increasingly important in a wide variety of applications. RAILONE has therefore partnered with Pioonier to expand its product portfolio to include a sustainable alternative to the conventional wooden sleeper: a composite sleeper made of 100% recycled plastic. But what makes this product so special? Compared to other manufacturing processes, such as injection molding or extrusion, the Pioonier composite sleeper is manufactured using a low-temperature process, which guarantees particularly good flexural strength, as well as recyclability.

Advantages and special features:

  • Simple installation with conventional track-construction technology
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Ideal suitability for turnout and bridge projects in mass transit, subways and railroads
  • Easy to lay using conventional track construction techniques
  • High strength and excellent damping
  • Resistance in all challenging climatic regions
  • No need for toxic chemicals
  • 100% recycled and recyclable
  • Development and production in Germany

Trials conducted and experience gained

Through years of successful testing in heavy-haul, mainline and public transport operations, the composite sleeper has proven to be an innovative, reliable and environmentally friendly alternative. All verifications, tests and operational trials required for approval have been carried out successfully. Thus, our future-oriented product extension meets the same safety and quality standards as all other products we have been offering our customers for decades.

In complete contrast to the conventional wooden sleeper, the composite sleeper is not only more climate-friendly, because toxic impregnating agents do not have to added, but also resistant in the most challenging climatic regions. Whether constant humidity and ideal conditions for fungal attack or freezing cold in Siberia, the quality of the product remains unchanged.

Features composite sleeper

Material100 % recycled thermoplastics
Maximal axle load/speed22,5 t with 160 km/h; 32,5 t with 120 km/h
Weight0,93 g/cm³
Electrical conductivity resistanceExcellent
Thermal conductivityLow
Life expectancy50 years
ResistenceFungi, bacteria, insects, UV radiation and extreme weather conditions