We deliver turn-key production plants

RAILONE exports its experience, logistics, and technology to all time and climate zones of the world. Standardized models for sleeper plants can be quickly and simply built at any location. They may be set up on “greenfield sites” or integrated into existing factory facilities. These plants are exactly tailored to meet the requirements of the customer with respect to scope of services provided, plant output, production technology, and degree of automation. Such plants produce up to 1,000,000 concrete sleepers per year, and operate as desired in manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic mode. RAILONE finds the optimal solution for each new project: with cost effectiveness, full satisfaction of all requirements, and precise tailoring to the location and the conditions of the country.

production plant concrete turnout bearers Schwandorf

production plant concrete track sleepers Aschaffenburg

Step by step to success

From the very beginning, RAILONE provides powerful support for its customers and business partners. After the application specifications for the sleepers to be produced have been clarified – for example, train operational speed, axle loads, implementation in either ballastless or ballasted mode, and the like – the optimal sleeper design will be developed. The next phase includes studies of existing infrastructure, terrain features, and available raw materials. The subsequent step is new design of a production plant or modification of a proven plant type. After investigation of production conditions, relative humidity, temperatures – as well as concrete constituents such as sand, stone chippings, and aggregate – sample sleepers are manufactured and tested under local conditions in the customer’s country. Official approval is obtained in accordance with the regulations and standards of the country: e.g., British, American, Australian, or German Standards. When the new sleeper factory is built, the sleepers have usually already been certified – i.e., productivity and cost effectiveness can be reliably calculated in advance.

The complete package

Plant construction by RAILONE exports into all the world the experience of one of the leading suppliers of concrete sleepers and track systems – always tailored exactly to the customer’s requirements. RAILONE, as one-stop provider, assures efficient performance of all services and steps of work – beginning with consulting and planning, including delivery and assembly, and extending to support for operation of the completed rail line. If requested, RAILONE will provide individual training of production staff and plant employees in key positions, which means support for the customer’s team already in the crucial start-up phase. With training and supervision by RAILONE specialists, the plant will from the very beginning be operated by staff that can assure efficiency, sustainability, and quality – typical Engineered by RAILONE.