Ballastless track system RHEDA CITY GREEN – the attractive alternative

RHEDA CITY GREEN is the turf model of the RHEDA CITY, which has proven highly effective for many years in mass rapid transit applications. For the RHEDA CITY GREEN model, modified bi-block sleepers with lattice girders are concreted into a compact concrete slab. A cover with grass or sedum provides an attractive optical impression. This system combines the functional and safety advantages of absolutely stable track position with the cost-efficiency benefits of practically no maintenance. Initial projects have already been realized in Berlin and Karlsruhe, and others are being planned or are now ready for execution.

Ecologically beneficial

Compared to other forms of track, the combination of vegetation and rail systems offers an optically attractive variation. Vegetation of track surfaces dampens the noise level and minimizes maintenance costs. Track with turf in fact reduces noise at its very source. The Green Track also allows cost-effective solutions in cases of especially strict requirements placed on vibration protection and on the propagation of structure-borne noise.

Further information

Tecnical paper RHEDA CITY GREEN (PDF, 12/2011)

Further information