Bringing green to track systems

Why take a long trip in search of Mother Nature – when we can bring her downtown for you? After all, we expect mass rapid transit to be not only environmentally friendly, but that it also makes life in the city a little more worth living. Owing to its appealing optical impression and its favourable environmental characteristics, the RAILONE "Green Track" is an outstanding choice for mass rapid transit. The ATD-G ballastless track system has been designed for applications for trams and surface commuter railways in downtown areas. The ATD-G is primarily characterized by bi-block concrete sleepers directly supported by an asphalt layer. A lateral-force base support effectively secures the track span. The system can be covered by turf or sedum plants, in various heights.

The benefits:

  • Creation of additional green surfaces
  • Reduction in the emission of airborne and structure-borne noise
  • Permanent stability of the track position, and long life-cycle
  • Greater simplicity and transparency in the system structure
  • Flexibility in layout of the line
  • Ease of installation by a high degree of mechanization
  • Short construction time, low maintenance costs, and high levels of availability
  • Only slight disturbance of motorized individual traffic during construction; uni-directional track installation is possible
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Modular adaptation to a variety of construction forms
  • Great effectiveness in application for main-track and turnout systems
  • Great resistance to corrosion caused by parasitic current