Joint press release by BAM Rail bv and RAIL.ONE GmbH

BAM Rail and RAIL.ONE sign cooperation agreement for development and construction of advanced railway track systems

Amsterdam, 18 March 2008 - The Dutch company BAM Rail bv and the German RAIL.ONE Group will pool their competence in the field of railway track technology, and will consequently contribute to the promotion of advanced and high-performance ballastless railway infrastructure for heavy rail in the Netherlands. Toward this objective, the Director of Projects for BAM Rail, Bart Oudmaijer, and Chief Operating Officer of RAIL.ONE, Richard Ziegler today signed a cooperation agreement at the trade fair UIC HIGHSPEED 2008 in Amsterdam.


The areas covered by this agreement include regulation of the responsibility of BAM Rail for construction work, as well as its provision of qualified specialist staff and required technical equipment. The scope of supplies and services provided by RAIL.ONE under this agreement will include design and development of railway technology, as well as delivery of concrete sleepers. Both companies will be responsible for project management, development and modification of construction machinery, and site supervision.


The concentration and combination of the specific fields of competence of the two companies will on a one-stop basis offer the Dutch infrastructure operator expert consulting services and turnkey solutions for upgrading of Dutch heavy rail networks. This upgrading will especially include the conversion of existing ballasted rail lines to higher-performance and virtually non-maintenance rail lines with ballastless track systems during short periods. Crucial for these types of projects is the minimalisation of possessions.


Already in their construction of the HSL ZUID high-speed rail line between Amsterdam and the Belgian border – one of the largest public-private partnership projects in Europe – the two companies have impressively evidenced their performance capability. Functioning as a joint-venture company for HSL ZUID, the two firms were responsible for planning, engineering, and construction of the track system, which was implemented on the basis of the patented RHEDA 2000® ballastless track technology of RAIL.ONE Group.


The Director of Projects for BAM Rail, Bart Oudmaijer, is convinced that future collaboration with RAIL.ONE will again confirm the proven reliability of German-Dutch railway technology. As Oudmaijer stressed, "We are pleased to be able to offer operators and passengers the latest in railway technology, which will to an extensive degree combine economic efficiency and comfort.


"Richard Ziegler, Chief Operating Officer of RAIL.ONE, likewise welcomes this collaboration: "RAIL.ONE has cultivated long years of technological exchange with BAM Rail. As a result of focussing of our capabilities, and by systematic application of each of our strengths, both companies cannot fail to profit and to enhance their position on the market."


BAM Rail bv

BAM Rail offers a complete range of rail-related services, from engineering to construction and aftercare, including 24/7 emergency callout. With a staff of more than 1,000 well-trained specialists, BAM Rail operates throughout the Netherlands and neighbouring countries. The activities cover all rail disciplines, from underground cables to the overhead catenary and everything in between. BAM Rail is closely involved in high-profile projects such as the High-Speed Line and the Betuwe Freight Line but is also working on urban tramlines, metro lines, rail tracks and crane tracks for industry.


Royal BAM Group nv works with Fluor Infrastructure bv and Siemens Nederland BV in Infraspeed. This consortium signed a contract with the Dutch Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management and the Ministry of Finance to provide and maintain the superstructure of the new high-speed rail link between Amsterdam and the Belgian border (the "HSL Zuid" line).This public-private partnership contract has a construction term of five years covering the design, building and financing of the superstructure for the line, followed by a twenty-five-year maintenance period. BAM Rail will supply the track system and the noise barriers.



RAIL.ONE GmbH conducts business with the goal of providing comprehensively oriented systems and engineering for the entire field of railway tracks and their many and varied requirements. With its patented RHEDA 2000® ballastless track system, the company has also achieved an internationally leading position in the area of high-speed rail transportation. In addition, RAIL.ONE manufactures main-track and turnout sleepers made of concrete. In these areas, RAIL.ONE GmbH as one-stop supplier – in close collaboration with its customers and partners – performs all activities involved in product development, manufacture, and application of concrete sleepers: beginning with engineering; including production, supply, and logistics; and extending to quality management.


With its plants in Germany, China, Romania, Spain, South Korea, Turkey, and Hungary, RAIL.ONE annually produces more than 2.5 million main-track sleepers, as well as over 600,000 liner metres of turnout sleepers. In 2007, the company achieved annual sales of €157 million.



From left to right: Richard Ziegler (Managing Director, RAIL.ONE GmbH, Germany) and Bart Oudmaijer (Director of Projects, BAM Rail bv, the Netherlands)

About the PCM RAILONE Group

The PCM RAILONE Group has been manufacturing concrete sleepers and track systems for urban transit and long-distance rail transportation for over 60 years. The technology leader also offers its expertise in the fields of engineering and plant construction. Its customer-driven innovations fulfill the highest quality standards and are installed around the world

The PCM RAILONE Group is comprised of several companies and eleven production facilities with a presence in Germany, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Spain, South Korea, Hungary, Turkey, the United States, Canada and lndia. lt maintains annual capacities of over 5 million track sleepers and 840,000 linear meters of turnout sleepers. RAILONE produces optimized products and custom solutions with over 550 employees around the world.