On quiet feet – RAIL.ONE supplies concrete sleepers with elastic padding support for upgrading of the rail line between Berlin and Cottbus, Germany

Deutsche Bahn is investing approx. 130 million euros from the eco-nomic stimulus programmes of the German federal government in upgrading the rail section between Königs Wusterhausen and Lüb-benau, on the line between Berlin and Cottbus.

Neumarkt, Germany, 3 December 2010 – RAIL.ONE Group, successful manufacturer of concrete sleepers and systems provider for railtrack infrastructure, has taken part in extensive delivery of concrete sleepers for upgrading the 60-km section of rail line between Königs Wusterhausen and Lübbenau, near Berlin, for higher-speed traffic. Around 130 million euros is being invested in upgrading the line, with funds primarily coming from the economic stimulus programmes of the German federal government.

Beginning in June 2010 and lasting up to and including December of the same year, RAIL.ONE has delivered almost 50,000 main-track sleepers with elastic base padding made by the company Getzner, as well as turnout sleepers for approx. 30 turnout sets, from production at the German RAIL.ONE plants in Neumarkt, Langen, and Kirchmöser. This is the first track-construction project in Germany in which sleepers with elastic base padding are used to such extent to prevent propagation of structure-borne sound and to protect structures located near the tracks. As Gundolf Spitzner, Senior Vice President of German Business at RAIL.ONE, emphasized: “To able us to successfully meet the tight delivery schedule, our production has included manufacture of the sleepers on a three-shift basis at our plant in Neumarkt. This has required precise coordination of logistics and production procedures among the participating partners, together with spot-on delivery. And our profi­ciency here is one of the reasons why we won this project. After all, it is precisely as Q1 supplier for Deutsche Bahn for many years that we have proved precisely these capabilities for many other similar projects – including construction of the line from Nuremberg to Munich, via Ingolstadt, and by expansion of the commuter-rail network in the Nuremberg metropolitan area. As a result, this contract is also confirmation of our good work over the past years.”

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About the PCM RAILONE Group

The PCM RAILONE Group has been manufacturing concrete sleepers and track systems for urban transit and long-distance rail transportation for over 60 years. The technology leader also offers its expertise in the fields of engineering and plant construction. Its customer-driven innovations fulfill the highest quality standards and are installed around the world

The PCM RAILONE Group is comprised of several companies and eleven production facilities with a presence in Germany, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Spain, South Korea, Hungary, Turkey, the United States, Canada and lndia. lt maintains annual capacities of over 5 million track sleepers and 840,000 linear meters of turnout sleepers. RAILONE produces optimized products and custom solutions with over 550 employees around the world.