RAIL.ONE achieves further international project successes with RHEDA CITY.

RHEDA CITY Ballastless Track Systems

* Order for largest infrastructure project in Scotland.

* First delivery of the ballastless track system to Spain.

* An additional tram project in Poland.

* Worldwide reference projects evidence comprehensive expertise for all areas of application.




Neumarkt, Germany, 2 April 2009 – RAIL.ONE Group, internationally successful manufacturer of concrete railway sleepers, as well as system provider for railway track systems, has won a contract for the largest infrastructure currently being implemented in Scotland. In the Scottish metropolis of Edinburgh, a new tram line is being constructed in 3 phases, over a distance of 19 km.


The first section of the project will connect the northern suburbs of Edinburgh and the airport, located 13 km west of the city, with the city centre. For this first construction phase, RAIL.ONE will deliver under contract from the Dutch company BAM Rail bv more than 16 km of RHEDA CITY track, with various track covering material, in addition to 3 km of vegetated track. 


Within the engineering-design team of BAM Rail, RAIL.ONE is furthermore responsible for planning of the track system. This project part involves dimensional design and layout of the track types to be provided – ballasted and ballastless track – in accordance with the respective subgrade conditions and with the valid European standards and regulation. In late April of 2009, the first 500 m of RHEDA CITY track will already be installed.


A total of more than 25,000 bi-block sleepers will be delivered for the ballastless track sections, as well as 18,000 shortened B 70 sleepers for tie-in of the depots to the tram line. Completion of the entire line is planned by spring of 2011.


RHEDA CITY for Seville
The railway company Ferrocarilles, in Andalusia, Spain, has also opted for the advantages of RHEDA CITY in its link of the community of Alcalá de Guadaira to the city centre of Seville. RAIL.ONE ballastless track will be used here as well, in construction of the double-track line, 12 km long. The new tram line is broken down into 3 sub-sections and begins at the interchange station of the existing Metro Sevilla Line 1. Completion of the tram line is scheduled for 2012.


In addition to delivery of approximately 17,000 RHEDA CITY sleepers, RAIL.ONE will provide system supervision, to include quality assurance, for this project in Seville. This order is for a further international urban-transit project in which RAIL.ONE ballastless-track technology will be applied. 


RHEDA CITY for Warsaw
Currently, 3 additional kilometres of RHEDA CITY track are being installed for a tram project in Warsaw. Earlier, in 2007, RAIL.ONE received the order for more than 8 km of RHEDA CITY track, on the Aleje Jerozolimskie tram line. In addition, RAIL.ONE was responsible for engineering and quality supervision.


RAIL.ONE can take advantage of extensive and diverse positive experience with RHEDA CITY and RHEDA CITY GREEN in numerous cities such as Berlin, Dresden, Nantes (France), Chur (Switzerland), The Hague (the Netherlands), Warsaw (Poland), and Bucharest (Romania). In these cities, more than 150 km of RAIL.ONE system variants are in use in urban rapid-transit networks.


Worldwide reference projects for RHEDA CITY and RHEDA 2000®
The RHEDA CITY ballastless track system is especially designed for employment on tram networks. In these applications, the system is based on the same basic functional principles as all models in the RHEDA family, especially in the RHEDA 2000® system. Numerous successful projects in Germany and abroad impressively evidence the versatility and the great functionality of RHEDA systems:

  • Germany: new construction of the ICE high-speed line from Cologne to the Rhine-Main metropolis and airport complex, and from Nuremberg to Ingolstadt; tunnel tracks for the new Berlin North-South Link, as well as the complex of scissor crossings for the new main train station complex in Berlin
  • Greece: renovation of the ESAP underground line in Athens
  • Poland: new construction of various tram lines in Warsaw
  • The Netherlands: new construction of the HSL-ZUID high-speed line from Amsterdam to Rotterdam, as well as various tram lines in The Hague
  • Spain: new construction of the rail line from La Coruña to Santiago, as part of the Eje Atlantico project; new construction of the Guadarrama Tunnel on the main line from Madrid to Valladolid; execution of 14 tunnels on the high-speed connection between Madrid and Valencia
  • Singapore: new construction of the Circle Line underground rapid-transit network
  • China: new construction of the double-track high-speed line from Wuhan to Guangzhou
  • Taiwan: new construction of the THSR high-speed line from Taipei to Kaohsiung


RAIL.ONE is also proud of numerous reference projects for the use of concrete sleepers with ballasted track:

  • Germany: master agreement with Deutsche Bahn for delivery of main-track and turnout sleepers
  • Turkey: extension and renovation of the rail line from Ankara to Istanbul; collaboration on the Marmaray project
  • Saudi Arabia: construction of the North-South Line, with sleeper engineering for axle loads up to 32.4 metric tonnes


These projects represent the basis and the confirmation for the great trust that has been placed, throughout the world, in the long years of experience and expertise of the RAIL.ONE Group. Tilo Brandis, CEO of RAIL.ONE, summarises the corporate philosophy of RAIL.ONE as follows: “As one of the leading producers of concrete sleepers, RAIL.ONE has been closely connected almost 100 years with the railway market. Over the past decade, we have through intensified development activities expanded our portfolio of services and have vigorously promoted key innovations and system development for railways of the future. The decisive parameters here are unmatched quality and the satisfaction of our customers.”

About the PCM RAILONE Group

The PCM RAILONE Group has been manufacturing concrete sleepers and track systems for urban transit and long-distance rail transportation for over 60 years. The technology leader also offers its expertise in the fields of engineering and plant construction. Its customer-driven innovations fulfill the highest quality standards and are installed around the world

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