RAIL.ONE at InnoTrans 2010

At InnoTrans RAIL.ONE will show new solutions for the railway technology of today and tomorrow

Neumarkt, Germany, 21 September 2010 – RAIL.ONE continues to systematically follow its course of developing intelligent and modular railway track systems, for the rail technology of today and tomorrow. Under the motto “Engineered by RAIL.ONE,” the company will present an extensive portfolio of individual sleeper and track solutions at this year’s InnoTrans 2010, the specialist fair for transport technology. RAIL.ONE will give its visitors insights into its comprehensive spectrum of track systems, from the thematic areas of passenger, freight, and heavy-haul transport as well as planning and construction of sleeper factories. The focus will be on the trend to individualization as well as on new technical highlights.

“Engineered by RAIL.ONE” is a basic approach that goes beyond consideration of product aspects alone. This motto at once represents the mandate and commitment of the company: with the know-how of a technology leader, RAIL.ONE exactly tailors proven track solutions to match specific customer requirements. A number of these solutions will be on display at InnoTrans in Berlin: for example, an innovation for train transport of turnout sleepers, as well as a Road-Vehicle Access System for tracks. As Ralf D. Sobottka, President and CEO of RAIL.ONE GmbH, explains: “Over the past decade, we have applied constant development efforts to expand our portfolio of services and to implement key innovations and system developments for railways of the future. We intend to use InnoTrans as a very important communications platform, in order to present to a broad specialist public these important innovations as well as our technological development competence for railway track systems.”

Intelligent public transit systems for sustainable mobility  

Metro, commuter-train, and tram systems not only relieve metropolitan areas from the burden of individual motorized transport and yet assure an equally high standard of living in the regions involved. They also make significant contributions toward the reduction of emissions and energy consumption. For track installation on concrete, ballast, or asphalt, RAIL.ONE offers high-performance and reliable track systems that are optimally integrated into the environment.

Until today, more than 250 km of RHEDA CITY track has been installed in numerous German and European cities. In Spain, a new double-track railway line is presently being built between the community of Alcalá de Guadaira and the centre of Seville. On two sub-sections of the line, the RHEDA CITY system is being installed. Until completion of this tram line by 2010, around 17,000 RAIL.ONE bi-block sleepers will be installed on 17.2 km of track, in covered and open mode. In addition, RAIL.ONE is responsible for delivery of the turnout sleepers, and for system supervision in support of the construction work.


Latest railway track technologies for mainline and high-speed transport

For construction of new railway track and for the upgrading of existing rail line, RAIL.ONE develops track solutions that are individually coordinated to the customer’s requirements. And here, RAIL.ONE offers all services and products on a one-stop basis.

In the high-speed area, the company has already by now achieved an internationally leading position with its patented ballastless track technology RHEDA 2000®. Since its application for a patent in the year 1999, RHEDA 2000® has developed from a niche product to standard technology for mainline rail lines serving high-speed transport and extreme loads.

After extensive successful application of ballastless track for high-speed projects – in Germany (from Cologne to Frankfurt International Airport in the Rhine-Main complex, and from Nuremberg to Ingolstadt), in the Netherlands (the high-speed HSL-Zuid line from Amsterdam to Rotterdam), and on Taiwan (the THSR line from Taipei to Kaohsiung) – the RHEDA 2000® can register an additional success. The RHEDA 2000® ballastless track system has been chosen for the track solution in the City Tunnel in Leipzig, one of the most important transport infrastructure projects in Central Germany. In order to satisfy the special requirements for noise and vibration protection in the tunnel under Leipzig, the RHEDA 2000® ballastless track system was additionally executed as a mass-spring system. Beginning in 2013, the tunnel will go into service as a convergence/divergence rail network for all Leipzig heavy-rail commuter lines.

In Taiwan, the RHEDA 2000® ballastless track system has been installed for the link between Taiwan Taoyyuan International Airport and the metro network of the capital of Taipei. In addition to manufacture and delivery of 150,000 bi-block concrete sleepers, the project scope for RAIL.ONE includes engineering, the delivery of material and equipment, the assembly and construction of the production facilities, as well as supervisory services for production as included.

When RAIL.ONE won the contract for upgrading the Old Tunnels in Mainz, Germany, it achieved an important milestone for confirmation of the GETRAC® A3 system as a standard design for tunnel upgrading in the network of Deutsche Bahn AG. RAIL.ONE, with the tunnels in Mainz, has now consecutively employed the GETRAC® A3 system for modernization of six railway tunnels in Germany: the Kehre Tunnel (2001), the Heiligenberg Tunnel (2001-02), the Esslingerberg Tunnel (2004), the Brandleite Tunnel (2005) und the Schlüchtern Tunnel (2008-10).


Freight and heavy-haul transport – extreme loading, top reliability

With high energy prices and increased demand for raw materials, freight and extreme-load railway traffic has assumed a key function in intermodal competition. For these exceptional demands placed on track technology, RAIL.ONE has developed special concrete sleepers designed for static axle loads up to more than 40 metric tonnes. In mid-2007, RAIL.ONE installed its first special sleepers on a section of line in the North American rail network. For RAIL.ONE, employment of its sleeper technology on one of the heaviest-loaded freight lines of the world is an essential milestone for entry into markets with great axle loads.

RAIL.ONE Group succeeded in entering Arabian countries in late 2007, by winning the order for project sections CTW 100 to 300 for the North-South Line project in Saudi Arabia: a line with a total length of 2,400 km, from the mining areas in the northwest of the country to Dammam. For production and delivery of the required 850,000 main-track sleepers and around 78,000 linear metres of turnout sleepers, RAIL.ONE in 2007 constructed a concrete-sleeper plant in Hail, approx. 700 km north of Riyadh. Successful execution of these delivery contracts was a key factor for RAIL.ONE in also winning the order for project section CTW 400 in February of 2010. On behalf of the Saudi construction company Al Ayuni, RAIL.ONE is delivering an additional 850,000 Type HHS 32.5 (AR 06) heavy-load sleepers for new construction of the North-South Line. For this line, single-track for most of its length, specifications call for sleeper design with an axle load of 32.5 metric tonnes. The heavy-load sleeper designed by RAIL.ONE especially for this application – the Type HHS 32.5 (AR 06) – fulfils these strict requirements in two ways: not only by its massive concrete body, but also by prestressing that is greater than that normally used for European standard sleepers.


Quality in construction begins already in planning

The demands placed on the cost effectiveness of advanced railway tracks will continue to rise in the future. Technical innovations are essential to assure the quality and the productivity of the overall system. Low maintenance costs and the reduction of life cycle costs will continue to increase in importance.
Regardless of rail-line planning – whether on earthworks, over bridges, or in tunnels – engineers at RAIL.ONE adapt the entire track design to local requirements. They place special emphasis on the ultimate in quality and on maximum reliability in project execution. The result: a rail line that is exactly adapted to local circumstances and to the individual expectations of the client.


Construction of concrete-sleeper plants – turn-key, tailored

In its construction of production plants, RAIL.ONE profits from its long years of experience. It is the only planner and builder of concrete sleeper factories in the world who can offer four different production processes – which can be modified to meet the special requirements of the customer. This combination of process technology and production know-how is an additional guarantee that customers will be provided with the required superior quality standard.

In February of 2010, RAIL.ONE built a licence factory for production of main-track sleepers in Kimberly, South Africa. In preparation for the 2010 FIFA World Cup of Soccer, held in South Africa, the national railway company Transnet Ltd. decided on expansion and upgrading of its railway network, 21,000 km in length. It contracted RAIL.ONE, via its partner RAIL 2 RAIL South Africa Pty Ltd., to build a concrete production plant in the country. In accordance with the agreement, this factory will deliver one million concrete sleepers to Transnet over the coming five years. In addition, the contracts include a licence agreement on the transfer of know-how in the areas of materials management, process technology, quality management, and concrete sleepers.


RAIL.ONE Career Point

Anyone interested in career opportunities with one of the leading providers of concrete sleepers and track systems can likewise gain valuable information at InnoTrans. The Human Resources Department at RAIL.ONE will be available for personal careers talks, at the company stand in Hall 26.


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RAIL.ONE at InnoTrans 2010, 21 to 24 September
Messe Berlin   
Hall 26, Stand 216


RAIL.ONE GmbH conducts business with the goal of providing comprehensively oriented systems and engineering for the entire field of railway tracks and their many and varied requirements. With its patented RHEDA 2000® ballastless track system, the company has achieved an internationally leading position in the field of high-speed rail transportation. In addition, RAIL.ONE manufactures main-track and turnout sleepers made of concrete. In these areas, RAIL.ONE GmbH – as one-stop supplier and in close collaboration with its customers and partners – performs all activities involved in product development, manufacture, and application of concrete sleepers: beginning with engineering; including production, supply, and logistics; and extending to quality management.
With over 700 employees in its plants in Germany, China, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Spain, South Korea, Turkey, and Hungary, RAIL.ONE offers total production capacity for 3.3 million main-track sleepers, as well as around 680,000 linear metres of turnout sleepers. The company achieves average annual sales of approximately €160 million.

About the PCM RAILONE Group

The PCM RAILONE Group has been manufacturing concrete sleepers and track systems for urban transit and long-distance rail transportation for over 60 years. The technology leader also offers its expertise in the fields of engineering and plant construction. Its customer-driven innovations fulfill the highest quality standards and are installed around the world

The PCM RAILONE Group is comprised of several companies and eleven production facilities with a presence in Germany, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Spain, South Korea, Hungary, Turkey, the United States, Canada and lndia. lt maintains annual capacities of over 5 million track sleepers and 840,000 linear meters of turnout sleepers. RAILONE produces optimized products and custom solutions with over 550 employees around the world.