RAIL.ONE completes delivery of RHEDA 2000® bi block sleepers for the Follo Line project in Norway

By completing deliveries of RHEDA 2000® track components for the Follo Line project, an important milestone in the construction of the 20 km long tunnel project, has been achieved.

Neumarkt, July 09, 2020 - This week RAIL.ONE has made its last delivery of a total of 61,215 RHEDA 2000® bi-block sleepers and other related system components. The Follo Line tunnel project between Oslo and Ski is currently Norway's largest railway infrastructure project. When completed, the Follo Line tunnel, commissioned by Bane NOR and constructed by the Spanish-Italian joint venture company Acciona Ghella Joint Venture (AGJV), will become the longest railway tunnel in Scandinavia.

Designed for train speeds up to 250 km/h, the new tunnel will provide increased traffic capacity to and from Oslo and drastically reduce the travelling time between Oslo and Ski. Beside the slab track system in the tunnel, AGJV, RAIL.ONE and Pandrol jointly developed special solutions for durable transitions between the ballastless RHEDA 2000® system and the ballasted track sections. In the project, the RHEDA 2000® system was equipped with Pandrol Fastclip DFC fastenings and Vanguard fastenings to reduce noise and vibration in specific areas.
RHEDA 2000® system is one of the world's most widely applied ballastless track systems for both high-speed and high-performance railway lines and has been installed on over 4,500 km of railway lines in Europe, Middle East and Asia. All RHEDA 2000® bi-block sleepers for the Follo Line project were produced in RAIL.ONE's facility in Coswig, Germany, and then transported to the Follo Line construction site based on a multi-modal concept of rail-, sea- and truck transportation.

Alexej von Glasenapp, Business Development Manager Europe, points out: "Our well-proven and flexible RHEDA 2000® track system is very suitable for state-of-the-art tunnel projects. We are proud of making a crucial contribution in the Follo Line project and are confident that the installed ballastless RHEDA 2000® system will serve as a point of reference in the Nordic market. RAIL.ONE is well positioned for continuous growth in Norway and in the Nordic region and we are looking forward to further projects by offering and delivering innovative and cost-efficient slab track systems for high-speed and high-availability railway lines."

About AGJV

The Spanish company ACCIONA and the ltalian company Ghella have joined forces and established AGJV, an innovative organization with broad international tunnel experience. Acciona Ghella Joint Venture was commissioned by the Norwegian government's agency for railway services
(Bane NOR) to construct the main part of the Folio line tunnel (EPC TBM). The company is located at the construction site at As land in Oslo, and started up its operation in 2015. The project is scheduled to be finalized in 2021.

About the PCM RAILONE Group

The PCM RAILONE Group has been manufacturing concrete sleepers and track systems for urban transit and long-distance rail transportation for over 60 years. The technology leader also offers its expertise in the fields of engineering and plant construction. Its customer-driven innovations fulfill the highest quality standards and are installed around the world

The PCM RAILONE Group is comprised of several companies and eleven production facilities with a presence in Germany, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Spain, South Korea, Hungary, Turkey, the United States, Canada and lndia. lt maintains annual capacities of over 5 million track sleepers and 840,000 linear meters of turnout sleepers. RAILONE produces optimized products and custom solutions with over 550 employees around the world.