Trainees and RAIL.ONE support the programme “Three Days’ Time for our Heroes,” sponsored by Radio Bavaria 3

Young people’s projects in Bavaria

Neumarkt, Germany, 23 July 2007 – On Thursday, 12 July 2007, Radio Bavaria 3 launched a program, scheduled to last until 15 July, that has until now been unique in Bavaria. Under the motto “Three Days’ Time for our Heroes,” non-profit projects were organized throughout all of Bavaria, in collaboration with young people, the radio station, and Regional Youth Circles. The objective of this program was to promote youth work, to enhance solidarity, and to offer voluntary work where it is necessary. More than 40,000 young people took part in the program, and succeeded in carrying out over 1,900 projects. The District of Neumarkt alone included 240 young men and women heroes.


These young people, who performed truly admirable work, also included 10 members of the Youth and Trainee Representation (JAV) of the Pfleiderer Training Network from the companies RAIL.ONE, Europoles, and wodego. One group of young people between 16 and 22 years of age was assigned the task of documenting and presenting all projects of the county district. The team was required to prepare a documentation folder for each project group, and to present the entire programme in a brochure. Equipped with film cameras and laptops, these young people travelled a total distance of 2,000 km in order to document 13 projects. This work included support for the young heroes in the Girls’ Secondary Modern School in Neumarkt, who prepared a guide to the district in which the city is located. An additional prestige project was launched by the youth of the German Alpine Association, together with the Neumarkt Protestant Youth Deanship. True to the motto “Three Days’ Stew,” they helped to serve meals to the needy during the period of the project. The Boy Scouts of Neumarkt also made their contribution and built a therapeutic sandbox for the charitable organization Lebenshilfe e. V.


RAIL.ONE welcomed the enthusiasm of the trainees and provided them support. Together with other companies in the region, RAIL.ONE sponsored the printing of the folders and the brochures.


Members of the JAV at the programme "Three Days' Time for our Heroes" 

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